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When are the best days to fly?

Many people start their travels on Fridays or Saturdays, so leaving early in the week increases your chances of obtaining a lower cost. Starting your travel on a Sunday may be up to 24% less expensive* than flying on a Friday, so plan early! According to an assessment of local and international flight costs, traveling out on Sundays may be less expensive*.

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How to Find Low-Cost Airline Tickets to Nearby Airports?

We make it easy for you to choose the best deal for a local airport by providing resources on its website, or you can contact our support team for further information. You may locate the closest airport within a 50-mile radius of your selected location. 

How far in advance should I purchase plane tickets?

According to 2019 worldwide flight data*, 21 days before to departure is the ideal time to purchase tickets. While looking for the greatest deal, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on expenditures since this isn’t a set rule. After comparing airline prices, create a price alert for the specified route.

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Where can I locate a cheap last-minute flight?

Three weeks before departure*, you may still get fantastic bargains on flights, according to examinations of historical travel pricing data. To acquire the cheapest tickets, try to be flexible with your airports, trip dates, and nonstop/layover flights. Whether you’re organizing a last-minute business trip or an impromptu getaway with pals, roundtrip flights, last-minute tickets, and multi-city flights are available. Everything you’ll need for your trip will be offered at a reasonable price in one place.

What is the best day of the week to purchase airline tickets?

According to historical statistics, booking on the appropriate day of the week may save you up to 20% on your travel. Mondays had the highest average ticket costs for domestic flights, while Fridays had the highest average ticket prices for international flights. Sundays in the United States might be less costly for local and international travel.

Which month has the lowest airfare?

The cheapest month to fly varies depending on your trip; thus, avoiding peak travel dates for your destination is critical to receiving the lowest tickets. Peak travel months, regardless of location, are June and July owing to summer vacation plans for families, and December, around Christmas and New Year’s. These are the greatest times to lock in reduced rates while while enjoying nice weather. Traveling during the shoulder season — the period between a destination’s peak and low tourist seasons – is an excellent insider tip.

Combining airlines and price alternatives may help you save money on your next trip. According to historical statistics, reserving your plane ticket on a Sunday and flying on a Thursday or Friday may save you money. When you book with us, you can compare airline costs, arrival and departure dates, aircraft cabin class, and other factors.


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Last minute travel deals to anywhere

Last minute travel deals to anywhere

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