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About Kansas City

Kansas City, located in Kansas state in the Midwestern United States, is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. Kansas City, the third largest city in Kansas, is panoramically placed at the confluence of the Missouri and Kansas Rivers, the country’s two greatest rivers. The city is the third-largest city in the Kansas City metropolitan area and has an unified city-county administration known as the ‘Unified Government.’The modern city was formed in 1886 by the merger of five municipalities: old Kansas City, Armstrong, Armourdale, Riverview, and Wyandotte. The city has a total land area of 332.50 km2 and is located at an elevation of 265 meters above sea level. The city currently has 145,786 citizens that speak English as their official language. Kansas City is located in the Midwestern United States, in the country’s geographic center.

City Attractions

The significant historical attractions in the city are the National World Conflict I Museum at Liberty Memorial, which commemorates the lives of men and women who perished during the war. The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is another renowned tourist destination that boasts an amazing general collection with a substantial collection of East Asian art and a diverse range of artifacts from throughout the world. Clothing, shoes, medicine, firearms, bottled fruits and vegetables, jewels, and perfume were discovered from the location of the Steamer Arabia occupants’ residence and are on exhibit at the Arabia Steamboat Museum.

The Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art is another museum where visitors may see a diverse range of works such as painting, sculpture, installations, prints and works on paper, photography, and time-based media. Among the major attractions in Kansas City are Union Station (a historical railway station), the Toy and Miniature Museum of Kansas City (which houses antique dolls, cast iron toys, and miniatures), the Hallmark Visitors Center (which displays the history of the greeting card industry), and the Airline History Museum. Some of the entertainment places suitable for both children and adults are the Kansas City Zoo, World of Fun, Oceans of Fun, Loose Park, Swope Park, and Cosmic Center.


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