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When is the Best Time to Book Cheap Flights to Mexico?

The earlier you book your plane tickets, the more money you’ll save. On average, you’ll be able to discover the cheapest flight tickets to Cancun, especially if you travel outside of the high season. To have the best chance of discovering amazing prices on flight tickets, try to book your flights to Mexico three or four months before you plan to travel. When looking for the cheapest flights to Mexico, flexibility is also important, so if you’re not set on a week in the summer or a period during a festival, you’ll enhance your chances of saving money. If you fly into Cancun and the weather cooperates, seat on the left side of the plane for the best views as you land.

Which airlines fly from the United States to Mexico?

There are other airlines that offer low-cost flights to Mexico, but the big players include British Airways, Aeromexico, American Airlines, and Iberia. The ideal airline for you will depend on price, preference, or whether you are a loyalty member. British Airways, for example, not only provides complimentary food and beverages on flights to Mexico, but you can also join a Business Executive member for free and begin earning ‘Avios’. These are points that can be redeemed for future flight tickets. Once you’ve selected where in Mexico you want to go, you can start narrowing down your airline options to discover who offers the most value for money for your trip tickets.

What is the most convenient mode of transportation from the airport to the city center?

International Airport of Mexico City:

The airport in Mexico City is around 13 kilometers east of the city, and there are a few choices for getting there. For many tourists, taking the train is the most convenient alternative. The station is located on the other side of the parking lot. Simply take line 5 from the airport, continue until you reach Pantitlan, where you should change to line 1, and then get off at Insurgentes (which is where you want to be if you want to be in the city center.) Buses are a little more difficult to discover because there are no bus services at the airport. Transport can be arranged through private firms, although it is advisable to do it before your flights to Mexico. Finally, you can get into a taxi. Taxi scams abound, so pre-paying for one at the Transportation Terrestre counter adjacent to luggage reclaim is highly recommended. When you get inside your taxi, make sure you lock the doors.

Cancun International Airport is in the Mexican city of Cancun

Because there is no train service from Cancun, the bus is the only choice. ADO operates multiple public buses that run at regular intervals throughout the day. Once you’ve booked your tickets to Mexico and are looking for lodging, see if any hotels offer transfers, as this will save you time and set your mind at ease. It is prohibited for normal taxis to pick up people from the airport, so avoid anyone approaching you to get into one. There are also numerous frauds that occur, so only utilize authorized transportation companies if you decide to take a cab.


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