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The Lone Star State is the epitome of America, with its oil fields, cattle ranches, and canyons, boisterous metropolis, and small-town friendliness. There is a lot to see and do in Texas, which spans an area twice the size of Germany and stretches from the Gulf of Mexico to the north of Oklahoma. It’s home to NASA and The Alamo, as well as modern art galleries, country music clubs, and a breathtaking landscape.

When Should You Book Flights to Texas?

There is no terrible time to visit Texas, and the ideal time to visit depends on your destination. Summers in Texas are hot, with temperatures reaching 30°C in many locations. Winters are moderate and dry, but they can be cold. The ideal seasons for outdoor activities are spring and fall. The Texas State Fair in Dallas in early fall, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in March, and the South by Southwest festival in Austin all take place in March.

How to Find the Cheapest Flights to Texas

There are several options for finding a low-cost flight to Texas.

Use the ‘Nearby airports’ filter to see flight prices from alternative terminals in the United Kingdom and Texas. By selecting “Show flexible dates,” you may see how much a flight would cost on alternative days and whether or not alternate departure or arrival times would be available. You may narrow your flight search by time, price, and airline by using the Display options drop down and the links on the left of the search results page.

Departures from the United Kingdom to Texas

The following are the best flight timings from UK cities to Houston, Texas:

  • 10 hours and 10 minutes from London to Houston
  • 9 hours 50 minutes from Manchester to Houston
  • 13 hours and 5 minutes from Birmingham to Houston (no direct flights)
  • 12 hours 37 minutes from Glasgow to Houston (no direct flights)
  • 12 hours 45 minutes from Newcastle to Houston (no direct flights)
  • 12 hours 46 minutes from Edinburgh to Houston (no direct flights)

Texas’s Major Airports

Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport handles about 40 million passengers and 450,000 flights each year. It is located 23 miles north of downtown Houston and includes five terminals connected by rail and a subway. There are bus and shuttle services into town, as well as a variety of rental vehicle providers.

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, which handles roughly 900 aircraft per day, is busier than Houston Hobby Airport, even though the vast majority of its passengers are domestic. Buses and trains may take you to Dallas and Fort Worth, and trains travel between the terminals. Shuttle buses take visitors to the central automobile rental depot.

Austin–Bergstrom International Airport, located five miles outside of the state capital and with direct flights from the United Kingdom, opened in 1999. It is Texas’ sixth busiest airport.

Which Airlines Operate Flights to Texas?

Among the airlines that fly straight from the UK to Texas cities are:

  • United
  • British Airways (BA)
  • American Airlines, Inc.
  • Norwegian Air United Kingdom

The Best Ways to Get to and From Texas

All of the major airports have strong ground transportation connections to the cities. Dallas, Houston, and Austin all have adequate public transportation systems, including bus and light rail systems.

When traveling between major cities, getting around Texas is pretty simple. There are flights from major hubs to smaller airports across the state. Greyhound buses connect large population centers, and limited train connections are available.

The best way to see the wilds of Texas is to rent a vehicle. This allows you to venture off the main path and is far more handy than relying on public transportation in towns and cities. Renting a car can also be less expensive than flying or taking the bus, but make sure you reserve ahead of time for the best deals.

What Are the Must-See Attractions in Texas?

The Alamo, now a museum, is a must-see for tourists to San Antonio. Several hundred Texan rebels died defending the garrison from the Mexican army here in 1836, in an incident that has gone down in American mythology.

Big Bend National Park, on the Mexican border, offers a glimpse of untamed Texas. You may float down the Rio Grande, hike through woods and grasslands, and admire the scenery and animals.

In the major cities, there are several fantastic museums. NASA’s headquarters are located at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, and the visitor center is interesting. In Dallas, go to the Sixth Floor Museum to learn all you ever wanted to know about John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

Traveling in Texas: Tips & Tricks

Leave the interstates to experience the countryside when driving. Gas stations are plentiful, but Texas is large, so don’t let your tank get low.


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