Cheap Flights From Orlando to Atlanta

How do you get to Atlanta from Orlando? Do you fly into a certain airport?

The sole airport in the city is Hartsfield-Jackson International, so if you book a trip to Atlanta from Orlando, you will be flying into this facility. Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (ATL) is situated 8.2 miles from the city center. There are 52 flights from Orlando to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport every day, operated by nine different airlines.

Which airlines are offering flexible cancellation policies from Orlando to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport as a result of COVID-19?

As a result of COVID-19, several of our airline partners who fly from Orlando to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport have implemented more flexible procedures. Frontier, Delta, and Spirit Airlines are just a few of the airlines that have accommodating cancellation policies. You may use our site to search for airlines such as Frontier that provide this level of flexibility in their flight schedules.

Is it possible to locate flights from Orlando to Atlanta for less than $100 on the Internet?

Yes, there are a number of flights from Orlando to Atlanta that cost less than $100. On Spirit Airlines, the cheapest airfare booked recently was for just $78, but on average, you can expect to spend $93.

Is it possible to get nonstop flights from Orlando to Atlanta for less than $100 on the website?

At least 20 direct flights from Orlando to Atlanta are available on this website for less than $100. A nonstop trip from Orlando to Atlanta can be had for less than $93, which is a wonderful deal.

Is it possible to get last-minute flights from Orlando to Atlanta for less than $200 per person?

There are currently more than 20 available flights from Orlando to Atlanta within the next seven days that cost less than $200 each way.

What days of the week do nonstop flights from Orlando to Atlanta leave from Orlando?

Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are the days when nonstop flights are available for this particular trip.

The number of flights departing from Orlando to Atlanta on a daily basis is around how many.

The number of flights from Orlando to Atlanta departs on average 56 times every day.

Early morning (between midnight and 6 a.m.) – 4 percent of airline departures take place in the early morning.

Morning (6 a.m. – Noon) – 16 percent of airplane departures occur in the morning.

Between noon and 6 p.m., 43 percent of all airplane departures take place in the afternoon.

Evening (6 p.m. – Midnight): 38 percent of airplane departures take place in the evening.

What is the duration of the flight from Orlando to Atlanta?

Airlines such as Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines travel from Orlando to Atlanta in around 1 hour and 33 minutes. Getting to your location can usually be predicted in terms of time. Separating Orlando and Atlanta, there are 406 miles between them. The majority of flights are nonstop.

What are the most affordable airlines for round-trip flights from Orlando to Atlanta?

Users have booked round-trip tickets from Orlando to Atlanta for as little as $78 on the website. Frontier Airlines is another another airline that can provide you with competitive prices. Spirit Airlines is offering fares that are 15 percent less expensive than the current average fare for a ticket departing in three months.

Which airlines provide the most dependable service between Orlando and Atlanta?

No one enjoys the prospect of their flight being delayed. In order to ensure that you get at your destination on time, choose Korean Air (87 percent), ITA Airways (78 percent), or Delta (77 percent) when booking a trip from Orlando to Atlanta. These airlines are the most dependable in terms of getting you to your destination on time.

When it comes to flying from Orlando to Atlanta, which airlines are the most popular?

In order to get the best deal on an Orlando to Atlanta ticket, it’s a good idea to go on a major airline such as Major Airline, American Airlines, or Alaska Airlines, which are the most popular choices for this route.

I’m looking for the lowest-priced flights from Orlando to Atlanta.

In contrast to the average cost of a trip from Orlando to Atlanta, which is $268, our research reveals that the cheapest airfare is now $39. Taking a look at the most popular route (Orlando to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson), you can anticipate to spend around $83 for that journey.

Which airports serve Atlanta while traveling from Orlando?

Your departure airport for flights to Atlanta will be Orlando International Airport if you are flying from Orlando (MCO). The airport is just around 11 miles to the southeast of the city center, making it a short drive from the heart of town. In the Orlando region, there is a local bus that provides service to numerous sites, including downtown Orlando, and the fare to ride this bus is just around $2. Your final destination airport on these journeys will be Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson (ATL), which is located only a little more than 8 miles south of the city’s central business district. The MARTA rail provides service to and from the airport from locations around the Atlanta region for a fee of about $2.50.

Which airlines provide nonstop flights between Orlando and Atlanta?

Due to the fact that these are two big cities in the United States with very huge airports, it should come as no surprise that there are a number of nonstop flight choices available between these two locations. Spirit Airlines, Frontier Airlines, and Delta Air Lines are the only airlines that provide nonstop service between the two cities. Because Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport serves as a hub for Delta Air Lines, the airline operates a significant number of direct flights between these two cities on a daily basis.

When traveling between Orlando and Atlanta, what are the available stopover options?

In addition to the nonstop flights that are available between these two cities, a variety of one- and two-stop alternatives are also available between these two cities. Spirit Airlines and American Airlines both provide one-stop flights between these two locations, with American Airlines also offering a few of two-stop alternatives. Spirit Airlines also offers nonstop flights between these two cities. A layover is available at Charlotte Douglas (CLT), and Spirit Airlines has layovers available at a number of airports, including Austin Bergstrom (AUS) and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW). Airports serving as layovers for the American Airlines two-stop flights will be Miami International (MIA) and Charlotte Douglas International (Charlotte Douglas). The one-stop alternatives will add about 2 hours to your travel time, whilst the two-stop options will add approximately 5 hours to your journey time. It is interesting to notice that not only are direct routes the fastest way to travel between these two locations, but they are also the most affordable method to do it in most cases.

Is it necessary to have a passport or visa in order to travel from Orlando to Atlanta?

In order to travel between these two cities, tourists from the United States do not need to have a passport or a visa, unless they are traveling internationally. It’s crucial to remember that on every domestic trip, including this one between Orlando and Atlanta, there is a restriction to the quantity of liquids you may bring aboard in your carry-on bags, regardless of the airline. For domestic flights, the maximum is 3.4 ounces of liquids, and all of these liquids must fit into a 1L resealable plastic bag. During your flight from Orlando to Atlanta, any extra liquids must be placed in your checked luggage.

What month is the most affordable for flying from Orlando to Atlanta?

According to industry analysts, prices are at their lowest in August. The average cost of a flight to Atlanta from Orlando is $93. Even in August, you may get flights to Atlanta for less than $93, as customers have discovered flights to the city for as little as $33. Traveling to Atlanta from Orlando during the month of November looks to be one of the most costly times of year to do so. Flying within the specified month might result in savings of up to 21 percent.

When should I schedule a trip from Orlando to Atlanta? To plan a vacation, how far in advance need I book?

By reserving at least 19 days before to your preferred departure date, rather than waiting until the week before travel, you may get a terrific offer and save up to 38 percent. Within the next two weeks, there are a variety of flights available between Orlando and Atlanta, with the lowest ticket beginning at $83.

If you want to travel from Orlando to Atlanta (MCO – ATL), what is the best time to do so?

It doesn’t matter what time of day you go; the cost of an airline ticket will be the same. Flights from Orlando to Atlanta may be booked in the same way that they typically are.