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Denver vacation guide

Peak Season: Summer provides the greatest possibility of excellent weather with the hottest temperatures, and wildflowers are at their peak in July and August.

The ski season lasts from mid-November to March, which is also a busy period. During these months, many skiers and snowboarders come to Denver to hit the neighboring Rocky Mountain slopes.

Off-Season: Cheap airline tickets to Denver are more likely to be found in the spring and autumn. Snow is possible, although it will most likely melt soon. Spring is generally vibrant and moist, while fall is normally dry. September is the best time of year to see the leaves change color, and it is a favorite season for many residents.

When is the most convenient time to book a trip to Denver?

Monday is an excellent day to search for the cheapest prices to Denver. Airlines examine their previous week’s prices, and on Tuesdays, they often mark down tickets in the hopes of moving their inventory. Business travelers often leave on Mondays and return on Thursdays or Fridays, making Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays the ideal days to get cheap flights to Denver.

When is the cheapest day to travel to Denver?

On average, the cheapest tickets to Denver are obtained when leaving on a Friday. At the moment, the most expensive departure day is Sunday.

When is the cheapest time to travel to Denver?

Flights in the evening are likely to provide the greatest value for money for your Denver vacation right now. A flight at midday will almost always be more expensive.

Denver Vacation Guide

Denver is not known as “The Mile High City” for nothing. It was named after the 13th step going up to the State Capitol, which is 5,280 feet above sea level.

Colorado’s capital is best known for its ski resorts and beautiful landscape, but tourists will find that the city has much more to offer. Surprisingly, Denver has more than 300 days of sunlight each year than Miami. It celebrates its cowboy history – after all, William F. Cody (Buffalo Bill) is buried just 30 minutes from the city – its mining legacy, and its beautiful outdoors. 

Denver, on the other hand, is a cosmopolitan, artistic, and cultural metropolis. The Denver Art Museum, built by Daniel Libeskind, has collections of African, American Indian, European and American, and Modern art, while the Museum of Contemporary Art focuses on work produced after 1945. Lower Downtown, or LoDo as the locals call it, is a vibrant, historic area filled with bars, restaurants, microbreweries, and bookstores.

The Rocky Mountains provide a breathtaking background to the Denver environment. They are the ideal location for nature enthusiasts looking for cheap flights to Denver to go camping, hiking, biking, fishing, and, of course, skiing in the city’s 10 national parks or 11 national forests. Standing atop any of Denver’s mountains, you can view miles of beautiful Colorado scenery.

With over 11 million people purchasing Denver flights, lodging, ski weekends, and corporate conferences in the city, it’s no surprise that Denver’s tourism sector is thriving.

What is the weather in Denver?

Denver has a moderate climate due to its position in the Rockies. Colorado weather is known for its extreme changes, which may occur at any time of year and on any day, implying that most weather situations are very transitory. Temperatures in January vary from the mid-teens to the low 40s, while in July they range from the high 50s to the upper 80s.

What is the duration of the flight to Denver?

Expect a direct trip from Miami to Denver to take four hours and a connecting flight to take six hours. A direct trip from Los Angeles to Denver takes approximately two hours and 20 minutes, whereas a nonstop journey from Honolulu takes about six hours and 35 minutes and a connecting flight takes about nine hours and 15 minutes.

Which airlines provide flights to Denver?

Frontier and American are the main airlines that fly into Denver International Airport (DIA) from Florida, while Spirit, Alaska, Delta, and Southwest come in from Los Angeles. United, Delta, American, and Hawaiian all travel to Denver from Honolulu.

What should you bring with you on a trip to Denver?

Temperatures vary, sometimes dramatically, due to Denver’s altitude (5,480 feet above sea level). It is often 70 degrees Fahrenheit in February and 40 degrees Fahrenheit in May, so dress warmly. Pack a fleece jacket, long underwear, a water-resistant jacket, jeans, snow boots, and snow trousers if you intend to go skiing during the typical winter months. In the spring and autumn, T-shirts and jeans or shorts, a light fleece shirt, and a rain jacket will suffice. Summer attire in town is fairly informal, so jeans, shorts, sundresses, hiking trousers, and a light jacket are OK, but pack warmer gear if you’re going to camp in the high country. Coloradans are naturally casual, but if you’re going to a performance downtown or dining at a fine dining establishment dress up a little.

Comfortable footwear is important whether visiting museums, galleries, rafting, bicycling, or hiking. Because of Denver’s high altitude, sunglasses and sunscreen are required, particularly in the mountains.

How to Get to and Around Denver

You can easily get around downtown Denver by walking or using public transit. The 16th Street Mall features a free bus service that runs the whole length of it. It comes to a halt every two blocks.

You may use the Regional Transportation District to travel between Denver, its suburbs, and outlying towns like Boulder and Evergreen (RTD). It provides bus and light-rail services as well as free transfer tickets, although precise change is required.

In the warmer months, ride on the open-air Platte Valley Trolley, which offers half-hour excursions along its “Denver Sightseeing Route.”

You’ll need to hire a vehicle if you’re going out of town for the day. Winter driving conditions should be considered; storms may make driving dangerous.

What are some activities in Denver?

Detroit, Michigan, and the surrounding region provide a wide range of experiences, ranging from entertainment to outdoor activities and shopping trips. There is always something available for every visitor in your party, from great eating experiences in the downtown area to reliving the history of the automobile sector.

The Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village, only a short drive from Detroit Metro, greet tourists with an interior museum covering the evolution of automobiles, agricultural vehicles, and trains through the years, as well as architectural and furniture design. Greenfield Village is home to rebuilt and relocated structures from Detroit’s rich past, ranging from Edison’s laboratory to a genuine English farmhouse. Plan on spending a full day or two thoroughly seeing all the museum and gardens have to offer.

Head to downtown Detroit for unforgettable dining and entertainment experiences, such as a romantic supper for two at the Whitney—once the home of Detroit’s wealthiest man and now a gourmet eatery—or a magnificent performance at the beautiful Fox Theater. Try your luck at one of the city’s three casinos’ slot machines or card tables. Fans of sports may catch a game at Comerica Park, home of the Detroit Tigers, or Ford Field, home of one of the NFL’s most famous teams, the Detroit Lions.

Take the family up I-94 to Frankenmuth, a Bavarian town approximately two hours north, and indulge in one of the Zehnder family’s world-famous chicken dinners before perusing the numerous charming shops or walking over the genuine wooden covered bridge.

  • On the walls of the first-floor rotunda of the Colorado State Capitol are paintings portraying the history of water in the state. The west lobby on the first level features rotating temporary exhibitions. 
  • You are 5,280 feet (one mile) above sea level when you stand on the 18th step of the State Capitol. 

Museo de las Americas, which exhibits the artistic and cultural achievements of Latinos in the Americas, and the Colorado History Museum, which has exhibits such as Ancient Voices, which looks at Colorado’s ancient peoples through artifacts and film, and Soldiers on Skis, which tells the story of WWII soldiers who trained for battle in the Colorado Rockies. One of the top five botanical gardens in the United States is located here. The Denver Botanic Gardens contain 23 acres of vegetation from Colorado, Australia, Africa, and the Himalayas. 

In the Denver region, 80 distinct beers are produced. The Coors Brewing Company provides complimentary tours that include stops at the sample areas. The trips are restricted in number and are given on a first-come, first-served basis, so arrive early. The brewery is located in Golden, which is approximately 30 minutes from Denver. When you ask for directions, you are typically told to “turn west” or “then head south,” and so on. 

Remember that everything in Denver is relative to the mountains, which are located west of the city. Consider fossils as a souvenir to take home. Because fossils are more plentiful in Denver than elsewhere, they are less expensive.

Discovering Flights from Denver

Few people want to leave Denver once they arrive, but if you must, using the website’s “find offers” feature makes it simple to locate available and cheap flights, hotels, and rental vehicles.

It is easy to get to and from the airport. If you are staying downtown, a dedicated light rail at Union Station transports tourists from and to DIA on a regular schedule for $9 one way.

The Regional Transportation District (RTD) operates frequent shuttles to and from the airport, with pick-up and drop-off accessible at most local Park ‘N Ride locations, so no matter where you stay in the city, you’ll have plenty of choices. Lyft, Uber, private shuttles, and taxis are also available to transport passengers to and from the airport.

For flights to Denver, which airport do you fly into?

If you want to travel to Denver, you must book flights to Denver International Airport (DEN). Denver International Airport is 18.5 miles from the city center.

This year, how common are flights to Denver?

Demand for Denver flights has dropped by 36% in the past year.

Find and Reserve Low-Cost Flights to Denver, Colorado

Do you want to discover a low-cost flight to Denver, Colorado? If so, proceed since you will get comprehensive information about the subject below. Denver is Colorado’s capitol and the most beautiful state in America. To get last-minute flights to Denver, Colorado, use the methods listed below.

  • Look for exceptional offers and discounts: You should look for interesting bargains and discounts on airline bookings in order to enjoy a cost-effective trip.
  • Travel with low-cost airlines: If you want to travel on a budget, buy your flight tickets with low-cost airlines.
  • Be flexible with your travel dates: Be flexible with your travel dates to obtain affordable trips for your vacation and to put away your money in groups.
  • Look in a Private or Incognito Window: You may search for inexpensive airline tickets in a private or incognito window since when you access a flight booking site, it saves your cookies and displays a more apparent cost.
  • Advance flight booking: It is recommended that you buy your airline tickets three weeks before the flight’s departure date since pricing rises dramatically as the departure day approaches.
  • Travel with connecting flights: Connecting flights are often less costly than non-stop trips. It is suggested that you travel with connecting flights for your vacation since they are less expensive for you and will allow you to make the most of your trip.

What are the best things to do in Denver, Colorado?

Denver, Colorado is America’s hottest city, and it is located 5,280 feet above sea level, which is why it is known as The Mile High City. Denver Museum of Nature & Science, Denver Center for the Performing Arts, Denver Botanic Gardens, Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art, Denver Art Museum, Denver Zoo, and many more are among the most popular tourist destinations.

What are the best hotels in Denver, Colorado?

Brown Palace Hotel and Spa, The Oxford Hotel, Hilton Garden Inn, Hyatt House, La Quinta Inn, Days Inn, and many more hotels are among the best places to stay in Denver, Colorado.

What are the most popular airlines that fly to Denver, Colorado?

United Carriers, Delta Airlines, Frontier Airlines, American Airlines, Spirit Airlines, JetBlue Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and many more airlines fly to Honolulu, Hawaii.

This way, you can quickly find inexpensive flights to Denver, Colorado while being safe. You may contact customer service if you need further assistance or have a question. Furthermore, you may go to the service desk and get all of your problems resolved in a short period of time.

Methods for locating last-minute flights from Denver

  • To book last-minute flights to Denver, contact the airline’s or travel website’s hotline number, and then purchase tickets from Denver. To book the flights, contact the support staff and ask them to notify or update you on any upcoming deals.
  • Try to keep up to speed with all of the airline discounts that come your way. Turn on all post alerts on the airline’s website and follow the social media profiles of the airlines that fly to Denver.
  • If you make plans for the next day, it will try to redeem your points on the airline or utilize any coupons.

Where can I get a cheap flight from Denver?

These are the best places to visit if you want to plan a low-cost vacation to and from Denver.

Cabo San Lucas is a well-known tourist attraction.

This location is mostly located in Mexico, and you may visit this location on a reasonable budget that will cover the round-trip travel package as well as other costs.

San Juan is a city in Puerto Rico.

You may visit this location by taking advantage of the low-cost flights from Denver to this location.


You can go to Cancun, Mexico, for its beautiful beaches on a budget. People may easily visit this location using flights from Denver since it is well-known for being a popular vacation spot.

The Peruvian capital of Lima

You may also take an international trip from Denver to Peru and see all of its historical sites, including its renowned beaches.

San Jose is the capital of California.

If you like thick woods and bodies of water and want to be near nature, you can even go to San Jose from Denver.

Is it possible to fly directly from Denver to Europe?

If you are searching for direct flights to Denver, you may simply book tickets to Europe from this location. And here are a few things to consider before buying flights.

  • Direct flights are available from Denver to key European destinations such as Frankfurt, London, Paris, and Zurich, among others.
  • Before booking any flight, thoroughly study the destination and learn about all of the main offers and discounts.
  • For more comprehensive information, visit the airlines’ websites and speak with their guest service staff. 
  • For more thorough information, contact any travel agent, as he may be able to provide you with access to some interesting offers.

So that’s all there is to it when it comes to finding cheap flights to Denver. For more comprehensive information, contact the airlines’ customer care. They will be accessible to travelers 24 hours a day, seven days a week through phone and email.