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Philadelphia vacation guide

Currently, January is the least expensive month to fly to Philadelphia. July is the most expensive month to fly to Philadelphia. Numerous factors affect the price of a ticket, which is why comparing airlines, departure airports, and schedules may help keep prices down.

Peak Season: 

The ideal seasons for booking flights to Philadelphia are in the spring and fall. However, keep in mind that Philadelphia is home to 300,000 students and 80 area schools and institutions, so time your visit accordingly to avoid the autumn arrival and spring evacuation of all those kids.


Winter in Philadelphia is bitterly cold, but if you face the elements, you’re sure to find inexpensive hotels and flights to Philadelphia.

Season of the Shoulders:

Spring may still be quite busy, but with fewer people than during the peak months. This is an excellent time to schedule a vacation because the temperatures will typically be between 1 and 10 degrees in March and 10 to 21 degrees in May, and costs will be slightly lower than during the summer months.

When is the best time of year to purchase airline tickets to Philadelphia?

When planning a visit to the City of Brotherly Love, it is prudent to obtain tickets between three and seven weeks in advance. The summer months are often the busiest for visitors visiting Philadelphia’s biggest sites, so traveling off-peak in the winter or fall may be preferable if you want to avoid crowds. During the off-season, it may be simpler to book a flight on short notice. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays may be less expensive due to fewer passengers.

Which day of the week is the least expensive to travel to Philadelphia?

The cheapest flights to Philadelphia are often available on Tuesdays. At the moment, Sunday is the most expensive departure day.

What is the cheapest time of day to fly to Philadelphia?

Booking flights to Philadelphia in the afternoon may help you save money. Making a flight reservation around 12 a.m. is virtually definitely going to cause your flight ticket prices to rise.

Travel Guide to Philadelphia

When your trip to Philadelphia arrives, there is so much to see and see that it’s difficult to know where to begin. For the majority of tourists visiting Philadelphia, it’s best to begin from the beginning. After all, it was here that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were drafted and signed, heralding the birth of American liberty and civic freedoms.

Today, passengers flying from Philadelphia prepare for a rapid history lesson. While the Liberty Bell, the signing of the Constitution, and Independence Place are all well-known, Philadelphia’s history extends far deeper. Pay special attention to Philadelphia hotels-if you look attentively, you’ll see a fusion of old and new Philadelphia. While Philadelphia is densely packed with cobblestone streets, magnificent halls, and ancient mansions, there is much more to do and see in addition to our forebears.

Film buffs booking tickets to Philadelphia may race up the Capitol building’s escalators à la Sylvester Stallone in Rocky and then queue for a cheese steak at one of the city’s famed booths. Sports fans travel to Philadelphia to root for the Eagles, Phillies, Flyers, and 76ers.

Whatever your motivation for booking flights and accommodations to Philadelphia, you’ll leave the city with a newfound enthusiasm for American history.

What is the climate in Philadelphia?

Spring and fall are the ideal times to fly to Philadelphia due to the very cold winters and extremely hot summers. If you’re up for the crowds, Philadelphia comes alive on July 4th (Independence Day) with fireworks and city-wide events.

How long is the flight from Los Angeles to Philadelphia?

Philadelphia International Airport is served by a number of major airlines and offers a diverse selection of flights to and from the city. If you’re flying from Los Angeles, your nonstop trip should take about 5 hours. New Yorkers may fly nonstop to Philadelphia in approximately an hour, including runway time. Flights between London and Philadelphia take around 8 hours.

Which airlines provide service to Philadelphia?

The Philadelphia International Airport is served by a number of major local and international airlines. For domestic travel within the United States, consider American Airlines, Delta, United, Southwest, Spirit, or JetBlue, to name a few. If you are flying from a country other than the United States, you can choose between Qatar Airways, British Airways, Lufthansa, or Air Canada.

What do you need to bring on a flight to Philadelphia?

The weather in Philadelphia is highly seasonal. The summer months can be quite hot, so bring lightweight attire, such as short-sleeved shirts and shorts, as well as comfortable sandals. In the fall and spring, you may wish to carry layers of clothes, such as sweaters or sweatshirts, and a thick jacket, for chilly days. Bring a thick coat, gloves, a hat, and a scarf for time spent outdoors, and long-sleeved shirts and sweaters for time spent indoors. If you plan to visit museums and other tourist destinations, pack suitable walking shoes.

Finding your way to and around Philadelphia

Philadelphia International Airport is the primary airport for travelers flying to Philadelphia (PHL). A shuttle service is provided from the airport, and the transfer duration is around 30 minutes. While at the airport, travelers may get vehicle rental services and limousine services.

Taking the Phlash, Philadelphia’s gas-engine trolley, is a convenient and speedy way to get between your downtown hotel and Center City. It’s an easy route to the Independence Visitor Center, Penn’s Landing, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The trolley operates daily and may be boarded every 12 minutes for a very reasonable fare. Additionally, it gives direct access to rail lines.

What activities are available in Philadelphia?

Philadelphia is a city steeped in history, and there are lots of fascinating things to do here. The Liberty Bell and Independence Hall are excellent venues for commemorating the United States’ heritage. Independence Hall has copies of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and the Liberty Bell is located directly across the street. Visit Eastern State Penitentiary, which formerly housed Al Capone.

Of course, no visit to Philadelphia would be complete without sampling some of the city’s food. Try a real Philadelphia cheese steak at Geno’s Steaks, but be prepared to wait in line, which may often wrap around the block. Pat’s King of Steaks is another well-known establishment where you may get one of these delectable dinners.

Suggestions for your visit to Philadelphia

  • Rangers from the National Park Service encourage you to visit the Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site, which honors Poe’s tragic death on October 7, 1849. A series of special Halloween-themed shows delves into the famed author’s themes of lunacy, vengeance, premature burial, and death.
  • Located in Independence National Historical Park across from the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, the Independence Visitor Center offers a free orientation to the region’s culture, history, shopping, and cuisine.
  • Visit the National Constitution Center to study the Interactive Constitution, a clause-by-clause exposition of the Constitution that provides quick access to fundamental constitutional facts and interpretations and is searchable by key terms and Supreme Court decisions.
  • Make a point of visiting the Philadelphia Stock Market (PHLX), the country’s oldest stock exchange. Approximately 2000 equities, 1700 equity options, 25 index options, and a variety of currency options are traded on the exchange at the moment.
  • Celebrating almost a century of Gilbert and Sullivan and headquartered in Philadelphia, The Savoy Group is the world’s oldest amateur theater company devoted exclusively to the staging of Gilbert and Sullivan’s works.

Locating Philadelphia Flights

If you’re visiting Philadelphia as part of a larger vacation to the Northeast, we can assist you in locating connecting flights to Boston, New York, and beyond. Numerous major domestic airlines service Philadelphia International Airport, including Delta, United, and American Airlines. Fly Air Canada from Philadelphia to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, or British Airways from Philadelphia to the United Kingdom.

Monday mornings are often the busiest at Philadelphia International Airport, although you may see large waits on Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays in the early morning and early afternoon. Allow additional time if you’re flying during those busy hours. Once you’ve cleared security, shuttle services are available to take you between terminals. The airport has adequate parking, and if you prefer to ride the train, you may also use the SEPTA public transit system. Additionally, hotels in the vicinity provide shuttle service to and from the airport.

Which airport serves as your departure point for flights to Philadelphia?

Philadelphia (PHL) is the airport that you fly into when you book flights to Philadelphia. It is located 7.0 miles from the city center.

How common are Philadelphia flights this year?

This year, flight searches for Philadelphia have decreased by 38%.

The best strategies for securing low-cost flights to Philadelphia

  • Book at least one week in advance of departure to secure a lower-than-average rate.
  • November and December are considered high season. August is the cheapest month to fly to Philadelphia.
  • To see the best Philadelphia flight fares, enter your desired departure airport and travel dates in the search box above.
  • Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) and Northeast Philadelphia Airport (PNE) are the two primary airports serving Philadelphia and the surrounding region, while Philadelphia International handles the majority of air traffic, notably long-haul and international flights. Northeast Philadelphia, on the other hand, is a relief airport that handles a higher percentage of single-engine aircraft, jets, and helicopters than Philadelphia International. Philadelphia International Airport is the best option for travelers with dogs seeking flights to Philadelphia. The airport is extremely pet-friendly, with seven dedicated “Pet Ports” for service animals available in each terminal. Additionally, there are places designated for assistance animals outside the airport.
  • Families with autistic children may benefit from the PHL Airport Autism Access Program. PHL Autism Inclusion Resources LLC helped develop the program, which offers children with autism and their families an opportunity to practice flying at PHL in order to have a better and smoother flying experience the next time they go.
  • PHL’s Exhibition Program is a globally known arts endeavor. Since 1998, the program has brought over 300 exhibitions to Philadelphia International and has worked continually to increase awareness of Philadelphia’s creative history while also improving the visitor experience.
  • The Airport Regional Rail Line rail service makes it simple to go into the city following your arrival in Philadelphia. Trains depart every 30 minutes and make several stops at airport terminals and throughout Center City.

What activities are available at Philadelphia International Airport?

Throughout the year, Philadelphia International offers a number of entertainment events. Just Plane Fun is one such program that includes live concerts, historical impersonators, and informative and interactive displays. Additionally, there is a Holiday Entertainment Program with dance groups, high school choruses, and even an appearance by Santa Claus.

At Philadelphia International Airport, what dining alternatives are available?

Without a Philly cheesesteak, what is a vacation to Philadelphia? It is surely not comprehensive; Philadelphia International recognizes this, which is why these delectable sandwiches are available within the airport at Geno’s Steaks. Other notable Philadelphia establishments include Chickie’s & Pete’s, which debuted in 1977 and has been delighting patrons ever since with its renowned crab fries.

What children’s facilities does Philadelphia International offer?

Ready For Takeoff, located in Terminal A at Philadelphia International, is an educational play area meant to keep young travelers engaged while they study. It includes a jumbo airplane and a control tower that can communicate with one another, allowing youngsters to play pilots and air traffic controllers.

Which hotels are in close proximity to Philadelphia International Airport?

Philadelphia International Airport is located about 7.2 miles from downtown Philadelphia and is close to a number of city hotels. Numerous nearby hotels, including the DoubleTree by Hilton Philadelphia Airport, the Renaissance Philadelphia Airport Hotel, and others, provide complimentary shuttle service. Additionally, there is a Marriott Philadelphia Airport situated within the airport.

Philadelphia flights at a discount (ILG)

Begin your search for a cheap flight to Philadelphia on this website by selecting a deal on this page or by entering your travel dates, origin airport, and whether you want roundtrip or one-way airfare into the search field. To discover the ideal flight for you, you may filter by flexibility, number of stops, airline, and departure/arrival timings.

We propose that you use the ‘Flexible Dates’ calendar at the top of the website to determine the price of aircraft tickets for nearby dates. This enables you to fly on the lowest days possible if your itinerary permits, and so get inexpensive airline bargains to Philadelphia.

Roundtrip fares range from $41 to $1,163, while one-way fares to Philadelphia begin at $20.

Bear in mind that picking a non-stop flight may occasionally be more expensive, but it saves you time. Additionally, routes with links may be more affordable.

Airlines offering flights to Philadelphia (ILG)

You have numerous airline alternatives for your flight to Philadelphia. Qatar Airways, Japan Airlines, American Airlines, British Airways, Air Canada, Lufthansa, and United all fly into ILG.

Cheap airplane tickets may be offered by a variety of carriers at varying periods and on varying terms. It’s essential to have a thorough understanding of each airline’s offer before passing judgment on its worth.

For instance, whether you want to check a bag or bring a carry-on, determine whether the low-cost flight package includes a luggage allowance. If not, determine whether the baggage cost is greater than the difference between comparable airline ticket offers that provide complimentary checked/carry-on luggage in return for a slightly higher rate.

Additionally, your preferred frequent flyer program may have an effect on your choice of low-cost airline. The Website lets you enter your airline and Website Rewards membership numbers during checkout to earn points from both—all while obtaining a fantastic bargain and arranging all your trips on one convenient online platform.

Discover the greatest bargains

We aggregate several flight deals from multiple suppliers, so that you can quickly discover the best bargain for you. A smart approach to obtaining the greatest discounts is to ensure that you book and travel on the most advantageous dates. Airfare to Philadelphia (ILG) fluctuates seasonally. September has the lowest roundtrip fares to ILG, while March has the lowest one-way fares.

Cancellation and adaptability

To modify or cancel a qualifying flight, click on ‘My Trips’ and find your itinerary. If you booked your flight within the previous 24-hours, you may be eligible for a free cancellation. Our customer support webpage has more information on flight changes and cancellations. Certain airline tickets are changed fee-free, which you may filter throughout your search.