Flights to Seattle

Seattle travel guide

Peak Season: 

There is a lot of rain in Seattle throughout most of the year, but during the rainy season (which lasts from April to October), it seldom rains. As a result, anytime during this time period is comfortable. Flying to Seattle in the summertime is a top choice, since the sun doesn’t set until 10 p.m. in June and July. It is highly recommended that you plan a trip to Seattle during the summer so that you can take part in one of Seattle’s major, and mainly outdoor, events. 

Almost always, you may see something interesting when it’s raining in the theatres and performance venues throughout the summer. Prices tend to increase around this period, so looking for inexpensive hotels and cheap flights to Seattle may be difficult.

In the Off Season:

A relatively short wet season (October to April) is met with flowers and gardens in February, making it possible for visitors and residents to experience the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. In February, be sure to check out the festival, which offers family-friendly activities such as gardening, fun, live music, and delicious food and wine. 

Visitors to the garden get to see amazing displays made by florists, gardeners, and designers all working together. To further stimulate your own garden, there are more than 100 seminars given by gardening experts where they will offer tips, techniques, and ideas to spice it up. During the off-season, there is a separate festival taking place in Seattle called Fremont Oktoberfest, which has a huge beer garden that serves over 100 microbrews and craft beers to sample and enjoy.

 The Octoberfest 5k Run includes rides, live bands, a kids’ section featuring horse racing and demonstrations of Texas Chainsaw Pumpkin Carving, which is also part of the festival.

If you want to go to Seattle before it becomes too crowded, you should book your ticket as soon as possible.

If you are looking to book a ticket to Seattle in the one to three month period prior to your departure, you will likely find that the rates are the lowest at this time and that there are many seats available. It’s preferable to go early on routes with limited planes. Most of the time, it’s better to avoid reserving two weeks or fewer before traveling, since costs tend to skyrocket at this point.

When is the cheapest day to travel to Seattle?

Thursday is presently the cheapest day to travel to Seattle on average. Flight costs will be higher if you fly on Sunday.

When is the cheapest time to travel to Seattle?

The cheapest time of day to fly to Seattle is around noon. Long-distance flights are the most expensive to start with in the morning.

Travel Guide to Seattle

Seattle is renowned for its coffee, and there’s no denying that the locals like it. Check out the “original Starbucks” (which has since relocated but retains its vintage appearance) adjacent to Pike Place Market, as well as the plethora of independent coffee shops and roasters making their mark on the city. But, if you book a trip to Seattle, you’ll discover that there’s more to the city than coffee. Pike Place Market, with its fruit, seafood, cheese, and flower vendors, is a sensory overload.

Do not miss viewing the magnificent Puget Sound if you are a nature lover. Take a whale-watching cruise or take a day excursion to Bainbridge Island. Ferry boats, a simple way to travel and enjoy Seattle’s natural beauty, link the many islands and beaches that dot the Elliott Bay waterways. Stay on dry ground and stroll around one of Seattle’s hundreds of parks, taking in the sights of sailboats cruising through the harbor.

Finally, go shopping in the historic neighborhoods or visit one of Seattle’s numerous festivals, which take place all year. When you want to mix natural beauty with urban activity, Seattle is unquestionably the place to go.

What is the weather in Seattle?

Seattle is well-known for its gloomy weather, but the city also has plenty of bright days. July and August are the hottest months, with temperatures in the mid-70s. Even in the summer, coastal breezes may cause windy days and colder evenings. Winters are chilly and rainy, with moderate temperatures and regular afternoon rainstorms throughout spring and autumn.

How long is the flight from Los Angeles to Seattle?

Seattle is one of the most popular northern hubs in the United States, so finding a fast flight is simple. A direct trip from Boston to Seattle takes around five to six hours. Expect to travel for a little under seven hours if departing from Miami. The shorter the flight, the farther west your departure city is. Flights from Chicago take approximately four and a half hours, while flights from Los Angeles take a little under three hours.

Which airlines provide flights to Seattle?

The Seattle-Tacoma International Airport serves over 45 million passengers each year on over 20 airlines. United, American, JetBlue, Southwest, Alaska, and Spirit are among the main US airlines that fly into Seattle. Because the city is a Delta hub, it is simple to locate flights from the United States and across the globe. British Airways, Emirates, and Lufthansa are among the major foreign airlines that fly into Seattle.

What should you bring with you on a trip to Seattle?

No vacation to Seattle is complete without an umbrella –rainstorms may appear out of nowhere, even on a bright summer day, so be prepared. Alternatively, carry a hooded rain jacket like the locals to prevent losing your umbrella in strong winds. During the summer, wear a light jacket to combat coastal breezes. If you’re traveling during the winter, dress warmly for chilly temperatures and wet days. A pair of comfy sneakers is also a must-have for navigating Seattle’s tight, steep downtown center.

Getting to and around Seattle

Flights to Seattle will take you to the city’s main airport, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA), commonly known as Sea-Tac. It is around ten kilometers from the city core.

It’s possible to arrive into the city in many different methods. A 30-minute trip with the Link Light Rail brings you to Seattle. Because they have a lot of luggage, many prefer to utilize shuttle buses. Other forms of transportation, including taxis and rental cars, are also available.

The Metro Transit bus system, which includes electric and hybrid buses, is convenient and tourist-friendly, although drivers do not carry change. Some buses provide express services. Other alternatives include the streetcar and the monorail, both of which link to significant attractions. The Washington State Ferries are a tourist draw in and of themselves.

What are some activities in Seattle?

Seattle is a traveler’s dream, with its walkable city center and a diverse array of activities. Begin your day by immersing yourself in the local coffee culture. For a locally roasted mix, visit one of the numerous privately owned coffee shops, or go down to the oldest running Starbucks near Pike Place Market. Then, go to the market, where you can explore fresh flower booths, buy specialty delicacies, and witness the renowned fish-tossing ritual.

The Seattle waterfront is nearby and provides a variety of choices. Take a ferry to explore the bay or Bainbridge Island, or have a relaxed seafood meal on a dock. If you’re traveling with children, visit the Seattle Aquarium, where you can see marine life via a 40-foot viewing glass. The Seattle Great Wheel, a short walk away, offers breathtaking vistas from air-conditioned gondolas.

The Space Needle is an iconic Seattle landmark, and you can take an elevator to the top for magnificent views of the city and Elliott Bay. The Chihuly Garden and Glass, located nearby, provides close-up views of gravity-defying glass works. If you come on a wet day, the Museum of Pop Culture, the Museum of Flight, the Museum of History and Industry, or the Pacific Science Center will keep you dry. When the weather permits, arrange a sailboat or seaplane trip to explore the stunning coastline.

After a day of touring, relax in historic Pioneer Square at one of Seattle’s distinctive nightlife choices. Those interested in culture may attend a performance of the Pacific Northwest Ballet or see a brand-new musical at The 5th Avenue Theatre.

Suggestions for your visit to Seattle

  • Visit the famous Space Needle, which offers spectacular 360-degree views of the city.
  • Art enthusiasts will like the Olympic Artwork Park, which has nine acres of world-class sculpture.
  • Take a walk around the waterfront and see the Seattle Aquarium and the Seattle Great Wheel.

For flights to Seattle, which airport do you fly into?

If you book a trip to Seattle, you will land at Seattle/Tacoma Intl, the city’s only airport. Seattle/Tacoma Intl (SEA) is 11.4 miles from downtown Seattle.

This year, how common are flights to Seattle?

In comparison to the previous year, demand for flights to Seattle has dropped by 48%.

Shopping and Eating

The cuisine in Seattle reflects the city’s significant cultural influence from individuals from all over the globe who call Seattle home. Almost every well-known restaurant brand has several locations in the city. From quick food outlets to modest cafés, from high-end Michelin-starred restaurants to small local eateries, Seattle has something for every visitor. The most popular restaurants in Seattle include Bitterroot BBQ, The Walrus and the Carpenter, Staple & Fancy Mercantile, Witness, Ray’s Boathouse, Anchor’s Down, Von Trapp’s, Ballard Annex Oyster House, Percy’s Seattle, Le Zinc, Stoneburner, Barnacle, and The Old Sage. Anchovies & Olives, Flying Fish, Etta’s, Katsu Burger, Salumi, Garlic Fries, and Handmade Cheese are some of Seattle’s renowned culinary choices.

Seattle is the answer to the prayers of the most discriminating consumers. To entice brand-conscious consumers, Seattle has a plethora of malls, high-end retailers, branded boutiques, massive supermarkets, and many department stores. However, if you are a budget traveler, you will not be disappointed since there is something here for you as well. Tourists should not miss shopping at Westfield South Center Shopping Mall, Everett Mall, International District, University District, Pacific Place, Fremont, Northgate Mall, Wallingford Center, Pike Place Market, and University Village while in Seattle. Shopping in Downtown Seattle, which has over 1,000 distinct shops and is a sanctuary for bargain seekers, is an experience in and of itself.

The best way to get inexpensive tickets to Seattle

  • Book at least four weeks before departure to receive a lower-than-average rate.
  • The high season is defined as August, September, and October. May is the cheapest month to travel to Seattle.
  • To get the best Seattle airline prices, enter your chosen departure airport and travel dates into the search box above.
  • If you’re going to Seattle with children, you’ll find changing tables in nearly every restroom at Seattle/Tacoma International Airport, including special family facilities. There are also eight mothers’ rooms where moms may enjoy privacy while caring for their infants. If you need diapers or medication when you arrive, go to one of the Hudson shops, and SmarteCarte can lend you car seats or trolleys. The playroom, situated between the central terminal and the A gates, is available all day for older children.
  • With over 100 works of art and many art exhibits by local and international artists located around the airport, there is never a boring moment at Seattle/Tacoma International Airport. Furthermore, there is live music every day from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at various venues, including all local and Pacific Northwest musicians.
  • There are 100 volunteers working at the Seattle International Airport whose job is to answer questions and provide instructions to the thousands of passengers that use the airport each day. Look for the volunteers wearing blue jackets and green, blue, and white patterned scarves if you need help at the Seattle-bound aircraft.
  • If you require luggage storage, go to SmarteCarte, which is situated near baggage claim in the main terminal. They not only store baggage, but you can also store frozen or refrigerated goods, rent car seats or trolleys if you have children, and they can help you send parcels via FedEx or UPS. They are open from 5:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m., and storage fees range between $8 USD (about 560 INR) and $22 USD (approximately 1550 INR) each day.
  • If you are thirst when you arrive, there are 7 free drinking water stations where you may re-fill your bottle. They may be found at gates A2, A5, C2, D1, S, and in the central terminal near the food court and the B exit. There are vending machines placed around the airport for a quick bite, so you won’t be hungry if you arrive in the middle of the night.

The ideal time to travel to Seattle is when it is cloudy and cool.

If you’re looking for inexpensive flights to Seattle, you might think about buying your ticket ahead of time. Early booking can help you obtain a lower-than-average fare. A round-trip ticket costs an average of $221. It is best to book your flight 6 months to 3 weeks before the departure date. The peak season in Seattle is mainly in November, December, and January, when prices rise by an average of 37%. A one-way ticket to Seattle costs $21 and a round-trip ticket costs $41.

Sea-Tac International Airport is the busiest airport in Seattle. The airport offers numerous facilities, such as live music performances at the various terminals for entertainment, a parking garage on the fourth level, bus services linking to downtown, and Cedarbrook Lodge, making it an excellent choice if your flight arrives late at night. If you’re searching for the most dependable airlines to Seattle, consider Delta, JetBlue, United Airlines, American Airlines, or Alaska Airlines.

Because of the present COVID19 issue, be sure to check the airline’s cancellation policy before booking your trip. If you need to modify or cancel your trip, it is important to research the best airline policies.

July is the cheapest month to travel to Seattle, with an average price reduction of up to 18%. Winter is the most inexpensive and least busy season in Seattle, although the temperature drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ways to Get Around 

Public Transportation in Seattle – The city is served by a light rail system with 22 stations. Fares range from $2.25 to $3.25 USD, depending on your destination. Tickets may be purchased at the station or via the Transit GO Ticket app.

You may also buy a reloadable ORCA card, which automatically monitors and transfers various fares. There are also buses and streetcars with $2.25 USD charges.

A day ticket costs $4.50 USD.

Seattle Center Monorail — At the bottom of Queen Anne Hill, this monorail connects Westlake Center and Seattle Center. The monorail leaves every 10 minutes, and the whole journey takes just two minutes! A one-way ticket costs $3 USD. You may also use your ORCA card to ride the monorail.

Bike – Seattle is a bike-friendly city. You may book a JUMP bike via Uber; bikes are free to unlock and $0.36 USD each minute after that. Lime also offers a bike-sharing service that costs $1 USD to unlock a bike and $0.36 USD per minute after that.

Taxis-Taxies start at $5 USD and go up to $1.69 USD each kilometer after that. If you’re on a tight budget, avoid them.

Ridesharing-Uber and Lyft are much less expensive than taxis and are the best ways to travel around a city if you don’t want to ride the bus or pay for a cab. The shared/pool option (in which you share a ride with other individuals) provides even greater discounts.

Car hire — For a multi-day rental, car rentals may be obtained for about $35 USD each day. You won’t need a vehicle unless you’re going on day excursions.